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I was asked by the parents of Gilbert Public Schools to represent them on the school board. GPS parents have felt voiceless for far too long. I am humbled and thrilled to be the voice of parents and fight for our kids. 


As I talk to parents, teachers, and voters in GPS boundaries, I have become more and more invested in making Gilbert Public Schools great and I've learned so much about why it's important that our students, families and community have someone on the board listening to them.


Our students have endured so much negativity and isolation over the last few years because of the decisions made by our current board. Everything from school closures, online learning, masking, no physical activity or contact and feeling like their education just isn't as important as being compliant to the media and government machines. All of this, however, pales in comparison to the threats barreling towards our schools and students.


As a father of multiple students in GPS schools, I am frightened and furious about politically charged curricula and policies that are being welcomed with open arms into our schools. Curricula infused with critical race theory, social emotional learning, and comprehensive sex education have no place in our schools. At a time when traditional education is needed most, divisive programs and policies that confuse and oversexualize our kids are not welcome.

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My other priorities include increasing transparency, allowing an easy "Opt-Out" option for parents, manage a fiscally responsible budget that doesn't include asking tax payers for more money, maximize district efficiency and re-direct funds to attract and retain good teachers. I will also put an end to a dependence on federal funds that comes with binding strings attached. I will help our schools and teachers get back to what they are designed to do and want to do, educate our kids, teach technical career skills and prepare students for post high school education and working and thriving in the real world.


Parents need a voice and our students need an education. As a member of the GPS Governing Board, I will dedicate my time and energy to listening to parents and ensuring that Gilbert Public Schools is the best it can be for our students, families, and community.





Parents are the first teachers of their children. Only a parent knows what is best for their child and only parents are qualified to make critical decisions regarding their child's education. Parental rights to review curriculum, opt their child out of instruction on sensitive topics, and access their school options are only a few parental rights protected by Arizona law. Chad will uphold these rights and fight to keep parents in control.


Gilbert Public School students need and deserve a great education. The pandemic and the resulting decisions of the board, have put our children two years behind. The only way to make up this deficit in education is a return to basics and actual learning. Chad will support traditional education and stop the wave divisive programs like CRT, SEL, CSE and others trying to overtake our schools and indoctrinate our children. When elected, Chad will ensure our students have an education in math, reading, science, history, and opportunities to learn technical skills that will prepare our students for success post graduation.


Chad is fiscally conservative and will work hand in hand with district finance professionals and administrators to achieve a budget that will eliminate begging for more money from the taxpayers. With declining student numbers and the money that goes with them, how do we preserve the jobs of our excellent teachers and continue to develop programs that will enrich the education and development of our students? Chad will work with the district to make sure the right people and the right number of people, are in the right places. He will demand budget transparency from school and district administrators that ensure taxpayer dollars go to where it will do the most good for our students.


School choice is not a threat to GPS, it's an opportunity! Competition in business makes businesses perform better and operate more efficiently. It is no different in education. With the recent expansion of ESA legislation parents will have more opportunities than ever to choose the education path that is right for their children. Instead of fighting against ESA expansion, GPS needs to adopt curricula and programs that attract parents and get rid of those things that are alienating parents and families. Chad will fight to improve our schools and not only become a better choice, but "The Choice" in education for students and parents.


Our teachers are on the front line of education in GPS. It is time they get the support and compensation they deserve. In order to help our students succeed in school and beyond, teachers must have the right tools for the job. Proven curricula void of social and political bias and technology that helps both teacher and student should be the most powerful tools in a teachers tool belt. In addition to these tools, attracting and retaining excellent teachers is vital to the success of our students. Raising starting and current teacher salaries, giving teachers more time to prepare at the beginning of the year, and reducing unnecessary tracking and reporting so teachers have more time for prep and a realistic work will ensure we attract the best new teachers and keep the excellent teachers we already have.


The last two years have been hard on students, parents and our community. To get back on track we need consistency in our schools. Parents should never have to worry if their children will have a place to learn. Chad will keep schools open and oppose mandates. He will keep out politically biased programs that undermine parents and tears families and communities apart. He knows the clear path forward is listening to parents and upholding strong traditional education and values.


“I’m excited to endorse Chad Thompson as a GPS board member. Chad loves this community and is passionate about the education of our students. His ability to work hard and fight for what’s right is contagious and exactly what our schools need right now. I have no doubt that Chad will bring his passion and real-life experience to the board and help our students and our schools get back on track.

Aimee Yentes

Gilbert Town Council &

Vice Mayor

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